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A dumpster is a sort of mobile garbage bin designed to be brought and taken away by a unique truck, or to a bin a garbage truck lifts, empties into its hopper, and lowers. The word is a trademark of Dumpster, an American manufacturer name for a design. Common use of skip or skip bin is not uncommon in Australia and the united kingdom, since Dumpster is a recognized nor well-known brand in these countries.

The term "dumpster", first used commercially in 1936, came from the Dempster-Dumpster system of mechanically loading the contents of standardized containers onto garbage trucks, that was patented by Dempster Brothers in 1935. The containers were known as Dumpsters, a mixing of the name of the company with the term dump. The Dempster Dumpmaster, that became the first powerful crap truck that used this particular system, popularized the term.

The word dumpster has had at least three trademarks but today it is often used as a genericized trademark. All 3 trademarks cancelled or have been expired.

A dumpster's intention would be to keep rubbish until it is emptied by a garbage truck and disposed of. Dumpsters may be used for purposes, or for all sorts of waste. Dumpsters are emptied by a hired removal service.

Many businesses, apartment buildings, schools, offices, and industrial sites have more or one dumpsters, normally ranging from 2 to 6 cubic yards, to store the waste that they generate. Dumpsters are emptied by front-loading garbage trucks. These trucks have big prongs on the front which are aligned and inserted into arms (or slots) on the jump. Hydraulics then lift the prongs and the dumpster, finally flipping the dumpster upside-down and emptying its contents into the truck's hopper (storage compartment). Rear-loading trucks are smaller and empty dumpsters.

Ninety-five mill dumpsters (or even "toters") are used by small businesses and homes in which a normal bin would be too small, but a regular dumpster could be too big.

Mobile construction dumpsters are 6 cubic yard dumpster trailers known as "roadrunners", and are widely used on smaller remodeling jobs or to get garage or lawn clean-outs.

Roll-off dumpsters are larger dumpster trailers ranging from 10 to 45 yards and are utilized at clean-outs demolition sites, renovations, construction sites, factories, and large companies. Roll-off/containers/dumpsters/opentop containers are only a few of the names given to these capacity receptacles. These containers are carried by trucks that were large with hydraulic arms which load and unload the containers with ease allowing these trucks to place these containers at a position that was unobtrusive.


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